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Tooth fillings:
A dental filling is a material used to artificially restore tooth structure and function lost to decay or external trauma. Littleton Family Dental is an amalgam-free (silver filling) dental office, so composite resin (white filling) material is used instead of the mercury- containing amalgam. Occasionally, porcelain or gold fillings (inlays or onlays) may be indicated to restore your tooth.


Crowns and Bridges:

When damage to a tooth is extensive from decay, trauma, or "wear and tear," a crown (cap) may be indicated. Crowns are usually made from either porcelain or gold, or a combination of these materials. Crowns essentially cover the entire portion of a tooth seen in the mouth and can restore the look and feel of natural teeth. A bridge may be indicated when a tooth (or teeth) is missing. We use a crown on either side of the space where your tooth is missing fused with an artificial tooth that literally "bridges" the gap in your smile. The artificial tooth may also be bonded to the natural teeth on either side of the space when possible. Both crowns and bridges are cemented in place and are highly reliable restorations.


Porcelain Veneers:
Porcelain veneers are an excellent choice for improving your smile. There is no reason to have to tolerate gaps between your teeth, poorly shaped teeth, staining, or slightly crooked teeth when veneers are an option. Porcelain veneers are an ultra- thin layer (often the thickness of a contact lens) of high-grade porcelain bonded directly to the front surfaces and edges of your teeth. There is very little preparation of your teeth needed for veneers, so they are highly popular due to their simplicity and reliability. The result is a beautiful, healthy, natural white smile.


Dental Implants:

Whether you are missing a single tooth, all of your teeth, or any number in between, implants are a safe, effective and desirable way to restore the look and function of natural teeth.After a tooth (or teeth) is lost, Dr. Casson will place the implant in your bone.

Dental implants are much different than crowns, partials or other types of dental work you may have. Our dental implants are made to last a lifetime and the implant crowns are as strong as healthy natural teeth.

After proper healing time, a crown, bridge or denture may be placed to restore the beautiful smile you deserve.

There are many reasons why a tooth may need to be removed. Extensive decay and infection, advanced periodontal disease, extreme fractures, poor position, and preparation for orthodontic treatment are a few reasons an extraction may be necessary.


Periodontal Treatment:
The infection of the bone and gums which hold your teeth in place is termed periodontal disease. This is caused by tartar building up beneath the gums that is not routinely cleaned off by a dental professional and/or poor hygiene at home.There are progressive stages of the disease and most are completely painless. This puts many people in danger if loosing their teeth due to a disease they are not even aware they have. There is also a well-documented link between periodontal disease and a person's overall health. These studies have shown a strong link between periodontal disease and heart disease and stroke. After a complete exam and diagnosis made by Dr. Casson and our hygienist, a scaling and root planning procedure, or "deep cleaning" may be needed to remove the bacteria from the "pockets" formed between your teeth and gums. This allows our hygienist to use a local anesthetic to comfortably clean the tartar below the gumline with and ultrasonic instrument to allow your gum tissue and bone to heal and improve your overall health. Localized antibiotics are also used in our office in certain cases to obliterate especially problematic bacteria in isolated areas. In advanced cases, we will refer you to a board certified periodontist for further evaluation.

Dental Sealants:
Sealants protect the grooves of your teeth from plaque and food that is difficult to remove with normal brushing. A white material is painted into the grooves of your back teeth, literally "sealing" out the harmful effects of bacteria in the mouth. This is a proven preventive treatment that can help aid in the prevention of decay for both children and adults. It only takes a few minutes per tooth to place a sealant.


Nitrous Oxide:
If you or your children experience mild-moderate anxiety about visiting the dentist, Nitrous Oxide gas, often termed "laughing gas," may be a way to make your visit less stressful. A mixture of Nitrous oxide and oxygen is administered through a mask covering the nose throughout the procedure. Nitrous oxide is very safe, non-irritating and temporary. You are able to breathe on your own and many even fall asleep during their procedure.


Dentures and Partial Dentures:
A complete denture, or "plate" is made when a patient is missing all of his or her teeth. These can be made for the upper or lower arch, or both. If you have lost all of your teeth for any reason, we will recommend complete dentures. Complete dentures are full sets of teeth attached to a gum-colored base, and are secured by suction force to your gums. Your gums tend to shrink after the removal of teeth and you will need to visit us regularly to ensure that your dentures maintain a tight fit. If you dentures start to loosten up and lose that secure suction we can adjust them to make sure they sta in place.

Partial Dentures
A partial denture is made when a patient is missing some teeth, but still has solid teeth remaining that can be used as "anchors" to hold this type of denture in place. They are held in place by little metal clasps that snap around these stable teeth. If you still have one or more of your original teeth, we tipacally recommend partial dentures to cover the sections of missing teeth. Partial dentures look like your natural teeth and are attached to a gum-colored base. Your remaining teeth help hold your partial dentures in place and help to prevent existing teeth from moving.



Having a bright, white smile is important to most everyone. Now, it is easier than ever to have that vibrant smile. When you are ready to begin whitening your teeth, just let any one of us at the office know and we will make a quick and easy mold of your teeth. From this mold we are able to make custom whitening trays for you in just a few days. We will give you the gel to use in the trays for efficient whitening. This gel is much more potent than over-the-counter whitening strip and gels, so you will get much better results in a shorter time. Wearing these trays only two hours a day for a short time will give dramatic results and whiten away those stains.

In-Office Whitening Treatment
In-office teeth whitening is the most effective treatment for whitening teeth. As a part of the process the dentist will apply a special gel to your teeth, then use a lazer to go over the teeth and the combination of the gel and the lazer help restore the natural white shine to your tteth. This treatment will lasts for several years, and can be supplemented with the take-home trays to help whiten your teeth even more.

At Home Whitening
Wear the fitted trays twice a day for 60 minutes or once a day for 120 minutes.
you should see a difference in a little as 5 days. The at home whitening treatment usually lasts 2-8 weeks.


Endodontics (Root Canals):

Infection of the center of the tooth (the "pulp" which are the nerve and blood vessels of the tooth) can be caused by trauma, deep decay, cracks or repeated dental procedures. This infection can cause pain and swelling, or may be asymptomatic and seen on an X-ray. In these instances root canal therapy may be indicated. This is a non-surgical procedure done to remove the infected pulp. Usually, a crown is recommended after root canal treatment to prevent the tooth from breaking. The root canal is done with local anesthetic and can usually be completed in one visit.


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